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Ceiling Diffuser

Ceiling Diffuser

Product Details:


Product Description

Ceiling Diffuser is a designer element which is commonly used in residential as well as commercial buildings within the roofs for the proper distribution of the chilled air coming from the air conditioning system via flowing channels. It has a concentric square shaped design with different layering provided with small opening in between them through which air flows out of the system and reaches to every corner of the closed room to maintain a low temperature.


  • Durable quality
  • Smooth surface finishing
  • Wear resistant

4-Way Ceiling Diffusers The range of louvred false ceiling diffusers offers consultants and architects alike, a comprehensive range of stylish yet functional critique designed to meet with all modern day requirements. The  4-way multi cone diffuser is available in a range of sizes and face patterns to allow for airflows as small and as great as demanded in modern day HVAC requirements. Performance data on this range, (see opposite) shown for the five most popular sized units, is unrivalled because of the unique aesthetic features, blade profile and free area achieved. The strength of the range lies in its sturdy aluminium construction, formed and pressed to minute tolerances, allowing invisible joints to an architectural square finish.

All  have a spring-loaded removable core, which allows access to a key-operated balancing damper. To remove the core simply depress on the spring-loaded side of the core and then hinge downward until the pins on the opposite side become visible.

Ceiling diffusers are designed for flush surface mounting or in the case of the tile size 595mm square (450 x 450mm neck) for drop into T-bar arrangement. Whether for supply return or even extract air, it offers the versatility to accommodate almost all commercial applications. Where uniform core appearance is required, blanking plates can be fitted at the rear to change the air patterns, or reduce the active face area.

Finally, standard border flange is a generous 30mm and comes un-punched for concealed fixing to the back of the damper. Though all louvre faced ceiling diffusers may look alike, on closer inspection one will find a significant difference in their performance characteristics which can be caused by, as little as the angle of pitch of the blade down to and including the number of blades contained within the pattern. To that end, we are delighted to include performance data, which clearly confirms superior design characteristics, and second-to-none noise and pressure drop data.